Quality American Made Chillers For

Whether you need to replace an older chiller on your MRI or CT or need a chiller for a new installation, KR Products are an excellent option for you. We can provide chiller sizes from 3 Ton, to 20 Ton. Other manufacturers often have higher running and maintenance costs as well as being significantly more expensive for replacement. KR Products chillers are fully customizable and we have come up with creative solutions to a variety of different problems for our customers.

Why we are different

We try to keep our most popular models in stock for emergencies, if a customer has a failed MRI or CT chiller we will often be able to ship same day. If a chiller is not in stock we are usually able to ship direct from the factory in less than a week. We understand that as the price for helium rises, chiller uptime has become even more critical, that is why we offer 24/7 technical support for installation and service.

Supported Brands


We have provided chillers for all MRI and CT Scanners on the market today. The following is a list of some models we have provided chillers for this year:

  • GE Signa 1.5T
  • GE 450W
  • GE Signa 3.0T
  • Siemens Symphony
  • Siemens Espree
  • Siemens Aera
  • Philips Achieva
  • Philips Panorama
  • Toshiba Vantage
  • Siemens Sensation



More Information

KR Products chillers can be safely installed in all climates and are built to withstand extreme ambient temperature ranges. KR Products chillers have been installed in all regions of the United States and even in tropical climates overseas. We even are able to provide an optional coil coating for coastal areas.

KR Products chillers are easy to install and maintain, no factory start up is required and they are extremely reliable. Every chiller is sold with a one year warranty on parts and a six month warranty on labor.

Let us know if you have any questions!