Refurbished Equipment

Refurbished MRI Equipment

Direct Medical Imaging sources the highest quality equipment from all major manufacturers.

All pre-owned CT and MRI Systems are meticulously evaluated, checked, tested and inspected, guaranteed to meet OEM functional, physical and cosmetic specifications. We are also able to offer application training on your new equipment and trade-in of your existing MRI Equipment.

We will recommend equipment based on your specific site and application needs. We can advise on HVAC, and power requirements, RF shielding and site design. We can provide professional CAD layout designs and work with your facility, contractor or architect.

We have the experience and the expertise to handle your next project including:

  • Site selection and design
  • Equipment trade-in, de-installation, resale or disposal
  • Site preparation & on-site project management
  • Equipment installation to OEM specifications, shim, calibrate and final test
  • Documentation and Application Training